Surfers enjoy unusually large waves

The last few days professional surfers have descended upon the coastlines of Ireland, France, and Cornwall due to the fact that waves as large as 18m high have been spotted on the Atlantic coastlines. For the brave and fearless surfer, these types of waves are a true test of ability and courage.

The large waves are the result of a massive low pressure system that is being referred to as a ‘black swell’ in the news. It has brought with it plenty of pro and famous surfers. For example, the big wave has attracted the South African Grant Baker, better known as Twiggy to his fans. American, French, and Portuguese surfers have also lined up at the Belharra break all hoping to get a chance to try out the large breaks along the coast of France.

Some areas in Cornwall have seen swells that measure 9m and in Ireland the swells that are being measured at Mullaghmore Head in the County Silgo have been measured as high as 12m. In the North Atlantic some waves are getting to 15m causing the large swells.

Of course, there have been large swells in the past, but the newer thing is the fact that people are actually out trying to ride the waves home. It seems that more and more people are flocking to the shoreline and since the wind is coming out from the south it makes them more rideable form locations like Mullaghmore Head. To try out these waves though a surfer has to pretty much be a pro and willing to ride inside of the barrel.

Fans and onlookers are also showing at Mullaghmore to watch surfers that are attempting to master the waves even though the winds can gust up to 100mph at a time. While the coastline is being battered and torn apart, there are some people out there making the best of it.