Road repairs backlog in Devon and Cornwall unacceptable

According to the information released by the two major councils in the region, the backlog for the area’s roads repairs has reached an unacceptable level. In the previous spring, Devon County Council, that manages 8,000 mile of roads and is the largest of any resident authority in the country, was suffering a backlog costing £687m. This has increased by £63m to £750m in less than a year, and this was mainly because of the effects of the storms that hit the area this winter and the coldest March that has ever been in the previous year.

In Cornwall the amount of money to be used in repairing the roads has totalled £204m. Nevertheless, the unitary authority has informed the people that having to deal with the dangerous weather that has been occurring recently has left them with £2m to pay.

This will therefore make Devon County Council devote around £64 million each year to maintain the recent situation of their 8,000-mile system that is the largest in the country. Moreover, the department of Transport is accountable for the structural repair, which will have an influence when it comes to improving the road conditions and addressing the accumulated amount of money.

The money allocated by the government for the coming financial year is £35 million and this matter is supposed to be taken to Devon County Councils analysis committee tomorrow. The allocation of this amount of money has come from a compound formulation rather than an evaluation of particular requirements. On the contrary Devon that does not manage the roads in Torbay or Plymouth would be required to use around £64m every year to stop the worsening of the condition of the system.

Additionally, Devon’s capital programme illustrates the Government allocations of £39m in the year 2013 and 2014 but £35 million in the year 2014 and 2015. The Cornwall council has also unveiled a bill of £204m to be used in the numerous repairs of the 4,500-mile highway network. According to some information from the Department for Transport, The English councils have been allocated £3.4bn for road maintenance for the year 2011 to 2015.