Public warned to stay away from beach after strange substance discovered

The public has received a notice to avoid the southeastern beach of Cornwall following the discovery of a sticky substance, yellowish in colour, that is presumed to have washed ashore. One dog walker discovered the waxy yellow substance recently at West Looe’s Hannafore Beach. The Environmental Agency, together with the environmental health team from the Cornwall Council, is conducting investigations. The Coastguard went into action to control the crowds that gathered to see what all the fuss was about.

Earlier in the week, people discovered another waxy substance, this time white, at many beaches in the West Cornwall region. These places included the Penzance Promenade, Porthcurno and Praa sands. A spokesman for the Coastguard said analysis would take place to determine the nature of these substances. They were collecting samples from the beaches.

They were not sure what the substance was as since the colour of the material that had washed up on the west beaches of Cornwall before was different. He added that until they had the results, they could not say whether the material was the same or different. They advised the people to keep their distance from the substance and not let their pets either to encounter it until they were sure what it was.

Edwina Hannaford, Cornwall area councillor, said that she believed that it might be unrefined oil used for cooking. She was waiting for the laboratory tests that could confirm it. A dog died earlier this week from the white substance found at west Penwith beach. Public Health England declared it edible oil that was non–toxic for humans.