Cornwall Music Service Secures Teaching Jobs From Cornish Schools

The new Cornwall Music Service Trust (CMST) has won plaudits for forming partnerships with around 80 per cent of Cornish schools. It has adequately replaced the closure of the Cornwall Music Service which resulted after local government cuts. Fusion Bags have commented on the news.

Seventy-seven of the county’s music professionals have had their employment secured by the CMST which was established in January 2015. Cornwall Council was shut down on December 31, placing jobs in danger and the possibility of rises in charges for extra-curricular music lessons for youngsters. According to the West Briton, the CMST has reached out to over 10,000 young musicians. They were able to raise £14,000 in January from a crowd funding project which covered their start-up costs.

CMST founder and head of service, Gareth Churcher, said: “The budget restrictions at local government level forced us to rethink the way in which us music teachers provide our service and help young musicians to develop. At a time where we all could have split up, we stuck together and created something to be proud of.

“Everyone has pulled together to create a sustainable future for accessible music lessons in Cornwall. Operating on a school premises has given us further benefits – being affiliated with an already established education entity gives the wider community a sense of confidence.”

A spokesperson for Fusion Bags, providers of gig bags for a range of instruments, responded to news of CMST’s success in a short space of time. They said: “Learning an instrument is a popular hobby among children and it is important that lessons are taught by skilled individuals like the members of staff the CMST have protected.

“Music lessons in Cornwall are an important part of most schools in the region and we welcome this at Fusion Bags. We provide an array of excellent equipment to safely store instruments and our value for money leaves customers singing our praises.”

Fusion Bags is a British based company based in West Yorkshire. Established in 2008, they have been designing and manufacturing gig bags especially built for travelling and commuting musicians around the world. Fusion Bags is a registered trademark of Fusion Products Company Limited.