Cornish Rex Cat

The Cornish Rex Cat Breed

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Cornish Rex is a domestic cat breed. Their most recognizable feature is their ruffled fur. The first cat of this breed appeared in the early 1950’s in Cornwall, in the midst of a litter of farm cats. They wanted to breed more of these curly cats, so it was crossed with his mother, which allegedly caused more Rex Cats.

The name Cornish Rex comes from Cornwall. A few years later it was discovered in Devonshire, another cat with moleskin (Devon Rex).  They then crossed specimens of both races, but the desired result was not forthcoming. “Rex” is a term that, surprisingly, describes the Rabbit fur of the animals.


Racial Bildendes feature is the curly or wavy hair, which is called “moleskin”, just because the hair is reminiscent of that of a mole. The hair is short and close-fitting. Their whiskers and eyebrows are curly.  Of all the known Rex’s the Cornish Rex is most affected by changes of the hair.

The Cornish Rex is a slender cat on long straight legs. The tail is long and lean.  The head is wedge-shaped with a long nose, the ears are large and high, they work just like a bat’s do.  The eyes are medium sized and oval.  In its general appearance it resembles the Oriental Shorthair. The gene defect that causes the change in hair breed type is the same that the German pay-Rex cat has.  They have an autosomal recessive trait.