Cornish Food Specialities

For those who choose to go on a holiday to Cornwall, enjoying a Cornish pasty is an essential experience. The Cornish pasty, while probably the most famous of Cornish foods is not all there is to dining in the region however, and this article is going to look at some of the best foods from the county.

Gerty milk is a traditional breakfast to have in Cornwall and involves a combination of milk and bread. This is often enjoyed with tea and you will be able to find the ingredients to make this food from almost any farm shop in the region. If you are feeling particularly creative you can even attempt to make the ingredients yourself.

Another dish that has always been enjoyed in Cornwall is that of boiled beef. Beef is a very common meat in the area as the conditions are just right for grazing cattle. This is also another reason why milk is so popular in Cornwall.

Cornish cows are known for making two major products. The first of these is Cornish Yarg, a mature cheese that is stored in nettles. This food can be bought all across the UK but the best types are found in Cornwall.

The other major product of Cornwall’s cows is clotted cream. This is something that is essential in making the cream teas which the area is famous for. This cream is also used to create fudge from the region as well as ice cream. The high-quality cream is known for making tasty, thick dairy-based products.

The Cornish people are known for having a sweet tooth, and much of the food enjoyed in the region is sweet rather than savoury. Scones, ginger biscuits, and hevva cake are all typical of the region. This is by no means a complete list of all the foods available in Cornwall but will surely whet your appetite.