Cornish economy is the worst in the UK

Official figures have shown that the economic performance of Cornwall is currently the worst in the UK. The county is behind the South Wales valleys and West Wales in economic productivity. In addition, Cornwall’s position has now gone down as compared to all the other areas and it is the poorest part of the UK. Statistics also reveal that in the Isles of Scilly and Cornwall the amount related to gross domestic product, gross value added deteriorated in the year 2012 to 61.2% as compared to 2011 which was 62.5%.

Mebyon Kernow laid blame on the central government for its complacency of the county’s current situation. Councilor Andrew Long the spokesman for the party’s economy said that it was a sad accusation of the priorities of the London parties that Cornwall’s standard measurement of economic productivity and the gross value added had gone down by 3.3% while the economy of the UK had grown by 4.2% in the year 2011 and 2012.

He added that this therefore means that when compared with the other countries they were just 61.2% of the average. He also went on to say that they are currently below the other areas that had been undergoing some suffering that is the Valleys and West Wales and that they were now below the other 37 areas of the country.

Even though, the county had been assisted thrice by the European Union they were still struggling to get an economic grip and this was a reflection of the lack of concern for the people of Cornwall by the Westminster government that makes Cornwall stay where they are.

Councilor Andrew Long also said that they needed to get some real control of the coming round of the European financing to make sure that they aimed this redevelopment capital into making a dynamic and sustainable economy. In addition, the total GVA for Cornwall in the year 2012 was £7 billion and this was a percentage decrease of 0.3% on 2011 a time when the GVA in the whole of UK rose by 1.7%.