Cornish Businesses Embrace Global Expansion Thanks To New Website

A new website founded by native Frenchman, long time Cornwall resident and accomplished English communications connoisseur, Herve G-Wery, SacreBleu specialises in social media marketing, website translation, international SEO and localisation. The Cornwall based start-up is making localisation a reality for hundreds of the area’s companies wanting to harness the power of overseas expansion.

The internet has revolutionised the way in which modern enterprise operates, allowing for local businesses to expand their presence to a global level with relative ease. However, as culture varies greatly between different countries, it is necessary for businesses to adapt their products and services in order to appeal and relate to the local demographic. Better known as ‘localisation,’ this process is an essential step to ensuring international success.

Translation is of particular importance with recent research revealing that regardless of the ability to speak fluent English, over 75% of online shoppers prefer to make transactions in their own language.  This is particularly prevalent in France where the dialect is considered an integral part of national pride, identity and culture.  The B2B service focusses exclusively on English to French translations which offers Cornish businesses an unparalleled level of expertise.

The Cornish company was borne from founder Herve G-Wery’s realisation that high quality French translators were in high demand. This comes as no surprise, given that the UK’s southern peninsula and France are separated by a channel measuring just 150 miles at its widest.

“I started that business after being offered to teach French to future Chef at the Penwith College in Penzance. From there lots of people around started to ask me about French translation or French ‘support’. As I worked in marketing before and communication I embrace the opportunity setting up that new business venture.”

As a native French speaker completely immersed in British culture, G-Wery is perfectly positioned to help Cornwall based businesses overcome language barriers and communicate with the French market in a way that is professional, effective and above all, parfaite.

He said, “Imperfect translations can be hugely damaging to a company’s reputation. Similarly, high quality translations can make all the difference. Whether it’s welcoming visitors to the website, exporting goods or conducting online transactions, localised content has the power to make customers much more receptive to your message.”

While SacreBleu found it beginnings in general translation, today the company partners with Cornish businesses to create unique marketing strategies encompassing website translation as well as localised social media posts, app development and text campaigns. This embracing of modern technology puts ScareBleu at the forefront of its industry and offers Cornish clients the ultimate in all-encompassing translation, SEO and localisation services.