Cornish artist launches website for logos and commissions

About as far away from the ubiquitous Hockney blues as you can imagine. Claire Chamberlain’s work is forged from the fires of the ancient land of Cornwall made famous across the world its tin mines and tourist temptations. Claire’s work is the end result of a lifetime of pastiches of Cornish life and naïve beach vistas. Recently she opted to launch her own website in order to display some stunning examples of work which offers a more wide ranging than those produced by her peers.

With an impressive list of clients from authors to musicians, Chamberlain’s work is the definition of fine art; with acute attention to detail, design and composition. Her collection embodies a kind of melancholia antonymous  to the neon shores of tourist Cornwall, which the artist herself attributes to the harsh winters Cornwall sees annually.

As storms ravaged the landscape this winter, Claire was again reminded of her respect for the sea. She said, “Cornish people fear the sea as much as we love it. We’re reminded of its power every time a wave hits a village or we see the rescue helicopters winching someone to safety.” The awe inspiring feeling of the sea is captured in Claire’s collection of sea creatures on postage stamps named after the book Toilers of the Sea .

Indubitably Americana features in her work, reflected in the self designed logo with a buffalo in the centre and the detailed fine line drawings of wolf and bear. Claire said “Since I was a child I’ve loved winter in Cornwall. It’s when we get the beaches back to ourselves. I spent a lot of time sketching the sea and watching yachts drift in and out of the harbour; dreaming of sailing across the Atlantic. I always felt an affiliation with places like Maine and Vermont and the stark winters of Minnesota.” Coincidentally, Maine has a port named Falmouth too.

Demonstrating her versatility, Claire has designed logos for clients from bakers to photographers and magazines to bands. Her design style is a contrast to her fine art: modern, crisp and vector based. A fan of vintage typography, Claire is not afraid to experiment with text as well as images in her logo creation. “A logo is often the first connection a brand has with its audience, so it’s important to get it right”, said Chamberlain. Her logo service includes a brief market research which helps her to produce a sheet of logo idea sketches. Next the client selects a choice of 3 designs which she transfers to black and white vector images. From this, the client chooses one design to use as the main logo and Claire then develops this with colour and text.

Claire accepts commissions for all aspects of her work; from illustration to fine art and design.