Choosing Your Office Space – Consider Your Clients

Any office space will have your needs in mind first. It’s only natural that we’re going to consider our own working environment first. What you also need to consider is your customers and whether they will find visiting your office convenient.

Serviced offices vary wildly. Some are ideal for the people working there yet terrible for clients. Here are some of the points you should bear in mind.

Is it Close to Your Target Group?

This is not so much about convenience and more about getting seen by the right people. Think about your target group and where they’re likely to be.
For example, if your business targets students it makes sense to position your business in an area close to the campus.

Ease of Access

Yes, you do have to consider whether your office space is in an area that can be easily accessed by clients. This means good transport links in the area. Generally, this isn’t an issue if you have an office in the center of the city.

Does it Make the Right Impression?

Anyone visiting your office should be impressed by the office they’re visiting. They should have confidence in your company just from what they see. It can quite easily make or break a deal.

Do they Feel Safe?

You know what areas in your city are questionable. Your business should not be in one of them. Serviced offices in these areas tend to be much cheaper than elsewhere, but they aren’t desirable and a lot of your clients won’t feel comfortable visiting you.

It’s important to balance your need for affordability and your customer’s need for safety.